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What a genius way to travel with wine!! I'm not going to lie I'm pretty upset that I didn't invent this. It works great! The plastic pouch is very durable and it can hold a whole bottle of regular size wine! The bottom of the pouch flattens out as it gets filled up so it can stand on its own. I think this is such a fun way to travel with your wine. You can take it hiking, to the beach, camping, kayaking, basically any adventure. I feel a lot safer carrying plastic filled with wine than a huge glass bottle filled with wine! It comes with a silicone funnel for easy pouring. It makes it so much easier to pour the bottle when you have a funnel. It also comes with a clip that is attached to the side which makes it easier to carry and you could also attach it to a backpack or bag. If you are searching for a gift for this coming Christmas, you might want to visit this website.


The saying is so catchy it says, "I make wine dissappear what's your super power?" People get a kick out of that when they see it. I love drinking wine and this just made it so much better. The lid stays on, it's easy to carry, it won't shatter, it's easier to hide, and so on. Go ahead and give that wine drinker a special gift that they will love!! I received this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.


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